Handcrafted UGG boots

100% Australian Made

Gozzi UGG History: Gozzi UGG is a family owned business. We are proud to handcraft each article, ensuring quality and durability.
Gozzi UGG commenced in 2004 manufacturing high quality UGG boots from our workshop in 59 Riverview road Earlwood. We began trading in local markets and craft markets such as Windsor markets. However we found that it’s important that our customers can view us making their UGG boots whist being educated about the advantages of buying locally made UGG boots, rather than imported versions that claim to be Aussie made.
Gozzi UGG has no affiliation with the American company ‘Deckers’ and their UGG Australia footwear range that is made overseas.

Gozzi UGG Manufacturing:
Gozzi UGG experience begins in the cutting process.
Only the strongest part of the sheepskin is used (the backbone). Furthermore sewing of the upper and the attachment to the innersole is a critical process that we take pride and detailed attention too. With the correct tension, seam depth, stitching distance and the use of strong cotton, we are able to guarantee all our craftsmanship.
Finally the attachment of the EVA sole. We use industrial solvent adhesive (not acrylic) with correct heat for activation and pressure we can assure the sole will stay attached.

What is an UGG boot:
In short, it is sheepskin footwear that provides warmth for your feet and is traditionally made in Australia.

The term ‘UGG and History’:
UGG is a generic term that refers to sheepskin footwear. Many believe that UGG boots were an Australian invention while others believe it’s a New Zealand invention. Whatever the country of origin is, there is one story that’s constant. That a surfer made a pair of sheepskin shoes to keep his feet warm in the morning.